#MarlieScott Who?

#artistmum AKA Marni (Marns)

A bit about me.......

I’m a Melbourne based Abstract Artist with 3 passions in life - my amazeballs 3 year old mini me, ANYTHING water (beach, river, pool, backyard sprinkler) and Art.   

Painting enables me to slow down all of the thoughts that seem to continually rush through my mind on a day to day basis - Let’s just say it keeps me out of trouble ;)   

I have always been creative and had a passion for making things and loved art in high school but had never really pursed it as a career path. Instead I spent most of my working life in offices in a few different industries, I had various roles from reception, admin, advertising, accounts, business management, personal assistant, customer service manager (you get the drift) and enjoyed always learning and growing in all of my roles. However I would often move on from companies after gaining as much knowledge as I could as for some reason just never felt 100% content in my work life.

Upon having my daughter in 2016 in my early 30’s and having to fill my time in quietly of a night without leaving the house (something I was very unfamiliar with), I picked up some paint brushes and haven't looked back. Art brings a calm over me and totally clears my mind like nothing ever has quite been able to and now I can't see me ever doing anything else.

I have always loved trying my hand at new things and pushing myself to try new and challenging concepts - due to this my art is always changing and evolving and no two pieces are even remotely alike!
I never go into any of my art with any real idea of where I’m going with it.... instead I pump up the music in my studio, close my eyes, take a deep breath and try to draw on whatever emotion I am feeling at the time to begin to create my pieces....

Interested in knowing more?  Head to the 'Bit of Banter' section of my site for some light reading and insight into the crazy life So far of MarlieScott/Marni.

If you love my work but need a custom size or colors to suit your home feel free to contact me (using the Contact page in the menu) to discuss options.   

I hope you enjoy viewing my pieces as much as I do creating them. 

MarlieScott (Marni)